How to quickly use ModelSim Coverage in Simulation

2013年9月30日 22:27
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1. Star ModelSim and Make filelist
Star your modelsim and change the directory to youre project folder.
Use “pwd “ to show your current directory.
Use “cd d:verilog “ to change directory.
Use “dir *.v /b/s >filelist.f “ to make file list.
The file list is as follow, which contains all the .v files under current folder ,including file in subfolders.
Tips: if codes are written in Verilog HDL , there is no need to adjust the sequence of the filelist , while in VHDL, some files should be compiled first , so the filelist sequence may need some adaptation.

2. use UltraEdit to replace “” with “/”.

3. create your modelsim .lib and .work.
change the directory to youre project folder ,and copy filelist.f there.
Here we “cd projects”
Use “vlib work “ to build work lib.
Use “vmap work work “ to map work lib.

4. compile the filelist.f with coverage to build work lib.
-cover cbse means compile with condition , branch , statement ,expression coverage.
-f filelist.f means compile files listed in this file.

5. start simulation and check the coverage
start simulation with “vsim – coverage” and “run 10us “ for some time.
And you can see the coverage like this.
More detailed coverage information is as follow,

You can get all the coverage information here . If you have any problem in the use of modelsim coverage ,please contact me and I am glad to help .


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